Common names:flowerpot coral, daisy coral, ball coral

Difficulty Level: Alveopora is a semi hard coral with a mature and stable tank being a must.

Feeding: Alveopora is mostly photosynthetic when compared to similar looking goniopora species, but they do still benefit from small meet based foods including baby brine and smaller items.

Lighting (Level 3 to 6): Most species require medium to relatively high light. Light acclimation is very important for these sensitive corals.

Water flow: Medium to lower flow is best to keep fleshy polyps from getting damaged on rocks and skeleton.

Placement: They are relatively none aggressive toward other coral, alveopora should be given plenty of space to insure that its long flowing tentacles are not damaged on rocks or other corals.

General: The easy way to tell alveopora apart from goniopora is the number of small tentacles on the end of each arm. Alveopora generally has 12 while goniopora will usually have 24 on each.