Bubble Coral

Common names: Bubble coral

Difficulty Level: Bubble Coral is generally tolerant, but must have stable alkalinity to survive.

Feeding: Bubble coral can extend large aggressive feeding tentacles which may be fed through broadcast or direct suspension matter feeding. They will also readily accept pellets and other large meat based foods if placed on extended bubbles or tentacles.

Lighting (Level 6 to 8): Most prefer moderate lighting, but will adapt to varying conditions. As with all hard coral, take care to move them slowly into increased lighting conditions.

Water flow: Lower to moderate flow is best to keep from damaging this corals large fleshy polyps.

Placement: Bubbles coral is very aggressive and should be placed where it can not sting other corals. Be sure to leave space for the polyps to expand without being brushed against rocks.

General: The big inflatable bubbles seen during the day turn in to long feeder tentacles at night. It’s thought that the bubbles expand to best capture light during the day, but are then adapted to best capture food at night. Feeding after lights off may help get this coral eating well.

Bubble coral species specific information: