Common Name: Elegance, ridge coral

Difficulty Level: Elegance coral should be known as an expert only coral. Due to the unkown needs of these corals, they don’t typically fair well in captivity with the exception of some Australian species.

Feeding: They have one of the most aggressive prey capture and stinging abilities of all coral with the ability to even sting aptasia. Elegance will readily accept most meat based foods including pellets and will usually benefit substantially from it.

Lighting: Strong lighting is key to success.

Waterflow: Elegance is most often found in lower flow lagoon areas though they will often adapt to moderate flow levels if given time to adjust.

Placement: With a sting no coral can match, these corals require their space and will not be the one who suffers if met with another coral. They should be placed on the sand bed away from rocks to avoid damaging their flesh.

General: Elegance is one of those corals that’s truly best left in the wild. If you decide to try one, Australian specimens will almost always fair better in captivity.

Catalaphyllia jardinei

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