Difficulty Level:Sensitivity depends a bit on the species, but most are quite tolerant, forgiving and easy to care for.

Feeding: Most species have fairly good prey capture abilities, and will even accept pellets placed directly on their mouths. Growth may accelerate if fed regularly.

Lighting (Level 4 to 7): Favias will thrive in a wide range of lighting. As with most hard corals, bleaching is a concern, so always acclimate by starting them lower in the tank and slowly move them up to your desired location.

Water flow: Moderate to strong flow.

Placement: Favias will encrust over rocks, so it is usually best to place them on a hard surface. Some species have long sweeper tentacles, so leave space between them and other corals to prevent fighting.

General: This is a huge group of corals with a lot of different care requirements, so be sure to research further on your specific specimen

Favia species specific information:


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