Fox Coral

Common names: Fox coral, jasmine coral, ridge coral

Difficulty level: Fox coral should be classified as a medium difficulty LPS coral with care requirements very similar to those in the euphyllia family. Stable alkalinity will be most important when keeping nemenzophyllia.

Feeding: I’ve not personally witnessed a fox feeding, but large polyps with obvious mouths would suggest that larger meat based foods may be accepted including pellets or frozen.

Lighting: Fox coral thrives under medium lighting conditions in the same range as euphyllia or candy cane corals.

Waterflow: Lower to medium flow is best to keep large fleshy polyps from being damaged either against rocks or skeleton.

Placement: Fox coral is a relatively peaceful LPS coral, so take care to give it space from stinging neighbors.

General: Fox coral is an uncommon coral, but that doesn’t make it a rare one. If you’re on the hunt for one, try asking around at your LFS. They can most often order one in short order.

Fox coral fragging info

Nemenzophyllia turbida