Common names:flowerpot coral, daisy coral, ball coral

Difficulty Level: Most species of goniopora are nearly impossible to care for in captivity over a long period. Recently very specific species were identified which are slightly easier. Red gonioporas are generally the best specimens to try. All species require very good water conditions and regular feeding. It’s also believed that due to their natural habitat, some metal content in the water may be beneficial.

Feeding: Regular feeding is key to keeping these sensitive corals. Baby brine, rotifers, oyster eggs and other small meaty suspension foods work best. Spot feeding is the best way to feed goniopora, and even placing a container over them while they eat may be required for them to thrive.

Lighting (Level 3 to 6): Most species require medium to relatively high light. Light acclimation is very important for these sensitive corals.

Water flow: Moderate alternating flow is best.

Placement: Goniopora should be given plenty of space to insure that its long flowing tentacles are not damaged on rocks or other corals.

General: These corals are not for the beginning hobbyist, and even the experienced should carefully consider it before committing to such a demanding species. Goniopora and alveopora are easily recognized by the number of small tentacles at the end of each arm. Goni typically has 24 while alveopora only has 12.

Goniopora fragging 101

Goniopora species specific information: