Star Polyps

Common names: star polyps

Difficulty Level: Star polyps are extremely tolerant and a great choice for beginners.

Feeding: These corals are primarily photosynthetic, but may catch some small particles with their feathers.

Lighting (Level 5 to 10):Star polyps will adapt to almost any type, and level of lighting. They will grow towards the light source, so keep this in mind when planning coral stocking placement.

Water flow: Star polyps will adapt to any flow conditions.

Placement: Star polyps are one of the fastest growing corals available to the hobby and they often shadow out of other corals and may even take over an entire aquarium. They grow towards the light source, so take care when placing them so that other corals won’t be in their path.

General: Star polyps are often referred to as a weed coral due to their rapid growth. Be sure to plan for the future of these corals in your tank.

Star polyp fragging 101