Common names: pagoda cup coral, turban coral, vase coral

Difficulty Level: Turbinaria are generally very tolerant to most conditions.

Feeding: These corals have very good prey capture ability with their medium sized, quick moving polyps. Meaty foods of most sizes are acceptable food for them.

Lighting (Level 4 to 8): Turbinaria will thrive in a wide range of lighting. As with most hard corals, bleaching is a concern, so always acclimate by starting them lower in the tank and slowly move them up to your desired location.

Water flow: Higher flow should be provided to keep the horizontal flat surfaces of these corals clean.

Placement: Turbinaria are not overly aggressive corals. They may be placed on their side in some cases to keep debris from being caught in the cup. Lower light will yield a flatter cup; higher light will yield a more closed cup.

General: These corals feed during the day.

Turbinaria Species Information: